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Auto-darkening welding cap to create a new visual experience , it make the welder friend to see more light, and make work more safely and efficiently !

Shade Number Mirror Group under the normal ordinary welding caps generally is 4 only, redefined the figure, that is to make the light shielding under normal level reached 2.5, the brightness increased by nearly four times, to create a new world record.

Welding cap stepless converting shading level (level may be between 2.5 / 8-12 set), to provide a continuously variable sensitivity control and delay opening function, with true color filter and polishing mode, all of these features can be found in helmet external selection and adjustment, thus ensuring the highest comfort and efficiency. These features make it the best tool for welding operations for welding and grinding provides a full range of convenience.

Suitable for most occasions and milling outside in addition to laser welding

Technical Parameters

 dimmer filter size / field: 90 x 110 x 7 mm / 50 x 100 mm

• Eye protection: Maximum UV and IR protection, shading horizontally

• EN379 classification: 1/1/1/2

• EN175 classification: B (impact resistance 120m / s)

• transition time from light to dark: at room temperature 0.1ms, at a temperature of 55 ° C 0.07ms

• From dark to light transition time: Slow: 0.35 - 0.6s faster: 0.1 - 0.35s

• Power: Solar cells and batteries, no need to close and open

• Battery life: about 3000 hours (operating time)

 Operating temperature: -10 ° C to +70 ° C

 Total Weight: 482g

• Shelf life: 1 year (batteries not included)

• Certification: CE, ECS, ANSI, AS / NZS, GOST-.

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