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Auto Darkening Welding Filter TRQ-2233FF

Filter Size: 110*90*10mm

View Area: 92.5*42.5mm

Light State Shade: DIN4

Dark State Shade: DIN9-13(external adjust)

UV/IR Protection: DIN16

Switch Time: 0.2ms

Delay Time: Stepless Control

Sensitivity: Stepless Control

Power Supply: Solar Cell and Lithium Battery

Grinding Function: Yes

Tig, Mig, Mag Protective: Yes

Sensor Quantity: 2pcs

Power Switch: Fully Automatic

Operating Temp.: (-10°C ~ + 55°C)

Storage Temp.: (-20°C ~ + 70°C)

Helmet Materials: PP

Lower Power Warn: Yes

Power Test Function: Yes

Warranty: 2years

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