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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet ECS Equipment Brief Instroduction

Device Model: A08-037
Equipment Components: Preamplifier, PC for acquisition, analysis, storage, A / D converter, basic package
This equipment needs constant temperature and humidity box.
Color temperature and response time at temperature limit
- color number 3-14
- Accuracy: color number 3-10 +/- 0.05 at N = 100 (times), color number 11-14 +/- 0.1 at N = 100 (times)
When testing, the accuracy of the test is related to the noise emitted by the tester. When the instrument is run multiple times and the average value is taken, the accuracy will be more accurate. When N = 100 means 100 tests, Running 100 times without touching the tester takes 1-3 seconds; this depends mainly on the speed at which the test takes the point;
- The response time, dt <= 100μs, averaging 10μs, depends on the speed of the A / D converter (250x1000 beats / second) and in less than 0.000004 seconds there is no way to test it; when we respond Time test, we take an average of several values, so we recommend the time window is 0,0001 seconds; of course, we can set other values at design time, but not less than 0.000004 seconds; we usually use Is 250 kS / sec.
Likewise, the accuracy of the measurement method is also dependent on the instrument calibration.
Here to make a note:
● LED for solar cells to provide lighting and activation.
Of course, this part is specially designed for placing an order (ADF producer). When we receive the order, we will need some ADF samples.
● The black line at the top is the transmission line - excited
The gray line at the bottom is the transmission line - the transmission of light that leads an external detection device
● The whole device must be installed in a thermostat box. The incubator should be large enough to reduce the temperature to -10 degrees Celsius in a reasonable amount of time and also to raise the temperature to 80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the machine must be strong enough, and for a short period of time, alternating hot and cold should be good enough.

● The whole system needs to be controlled by one computer. Here it does not control the incubator.

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